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Congratulations LOCA ROSA

LOCA ROSA (Wild Rose) was recently selected for ongoing listing in both Community and Education based tracks for the 2011-2012 Arizona Commission on the Arts Teaching Artist Roster. This biennial juried, panel-approved application and interview process identifies and promotes high-quality Arizona artists who maintain active careers as teaching and professional artists. LOCA ROSA's Artist Roster applications in the Traditional Performing Folk Arts category have been accepted continuously since 1993.

LOCA ROSA is the only Performing Folk Artist on the Arizona Commission on the Art's Roster who brings to life Old World European folk songs and stories and who specializes in the disappearing culture of Russian-Jewish heritage. To view LOCA ROSA's Artist Roster profile page with video, music, photos and program information, please visit http://roster.azarts.gov/LocaRosa.

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LOCA ROSA (Wild Rose) - Old World Folk Songs & Fables

Singer of Tales, Teller of Songs

LOCA ROSA specializes in the traditional Ashkenazi (Eastern European Yiddish-speaking) Jewish performing folk arts of her family heritage from Russia. Her Jewish culture also includes the Sephardi heritage of Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) folk songs from the Diaspora countries of Turkey and Spain, and the Hebrew folk songs of Israel. She may also include cross-cultural folk repertoire from her diverse Old and New World heritage such as Renaissance England, Ireland, and Scotland; the United States; and, her birth place, Canada. She performs in splendid ethnic costumes; plays guitar, lute, balalaika, gusli (Eastern European lap harp), tof (Israeli hand drum), and loshki (Russian clicking spoons); and, sings in many languages which include English, Russian, Yiddish, Hebrew, Ladino, Spanish and French.

Sample Concert, Community & Arts in Education Programs
  • NEW Arizona Centennial Project: LOCA ROSA presents Arizona pioneer history of Jewish & Russian immigrants with performances & workshops
  • Russian-Jewish Folk Songs & Fables
  • Jewish Festival Songs & Stories
  • Fall Harvest Festivals: Old World Traditions in Folk Songs & Fables
  • Old World Year-End Winter Festivals
  • Snegurochka: The Russian Snow Maiden
  • Red Hill Holiday: European Spring Festivals from England to Russia
  • Russian Folk Tales: Baba Yaga; The Fool & the Flying Ship; & more
  • Rhythms from the Global Village: Cross Cultural Folk Songs & Fables
  • Jewish Shtetl (Village) Stories: Yingl Tsingl Khvat; Why Dogs Chase Cats; & more
  • Children's Game Songs & Stories of Old World Cultures
  • American Songs from the Old World
  • Jewish Songs of American Folk Singing Icon Woody Guthrie & His Jewish Mother-In-Law, Aliza Greenblatt
  • Loca Rosa Goes Hollywood: Old World Songs from the Movies
  • Songs of a Russian Gypsy
  • My Old Canadian Home: Folk Songs from the Great Lake Waters to Vancouver Island
  • 'Tis the Renaissance Way: Folk Songs & Stories from the Old, Old World

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