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Self-produced indie recordings by LOCA ROSA include "STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND: Music of Many Lands," endorsed by notable Hollywood actor Gordon Signer (Mayor in the movie "Superman III") who said "we were very impressed with the content, and especially how it was delivered" and praised the recording as "having an over-all international appeal." Another recording by LOCA ROSA, "TREE HOUSE TUNES & TALES: For Children of All Ages," is a delightful, cross-cultural mix of songs, stories and poems, many of which are original compositions. The ethereal "Early One Morning," one of LOCA ROSA's English Renaissance songs, was included in the fine compilation disc "A DAY AT THE FAIRE," produced by Big-U Music.

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Cassettes: $10.00
CDs:        $15.00
S & H: $3.95 for the 1st item
                .50 each additional item
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(480) 986-6016
"Tree House Tunes and Tales" 
Multiethnic folk songs & stories for children.

Side One
Zychick (Little Rabbit)
The Two Rivers/Ei,Ukhnem!
The Duchess At Tea
The Halloween Song
Master Of All Masters
Old King Cole
The Tilleyvalley
Side Two
Snow Eater
El Coqui (Little Frog)
Potshe, Potshe Keechelech
Why Dogs Chase Cats
Three Legged Dog
Haida! (Hurrah!)
The Red Boots
Chanukah, Oy Chanukah
The Tree House

©1996  Loca Rosa Productions






"Stranger In A Strange Land" 
Music of many lands. 

Side One
Valees Rooskee
Scalerica de Oro
Un Canadien Errant
Erev Shel Shoshanim
Az Der Rebbe Est

Side Two
Stranger In A Strange Land
Bublichki Beygelach
Early One Morning
Shvartse Karshelech
Dorogoi D'Linnoyu

©1995  Loca Rosa Productions

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